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Defro Pure Warmth

Trust a company with many years of experience


Does your constantly growing company need support in import and logistics? Or maybe you simply lack additional warehouse space that meets your requirements? DEFRO LOGISTICS facilitates not only warehousing and logistics, but also many times the management of commercial activities and enables the acquisition of new markets, minimizing investment risk. DEFRO LOGISTICS also means import and distribution from “A to Z”. We supply heating devices from all over the world. Our specialization is transport from every corner of the world. What we bring for you, we will first secure in our warehouse, and then we will take it to wherever you indicate. If you prefer, we will invite you to pick it up at our main warehouses or a network of over a thousand distribution points in the country.




By choosing our offer, you will gain logistical care before ordering the goods. We value comfort and safety, which is why we also offer the opportunity to verify a foreign contractor.

Your order will always be monitored and safe. We comprehensively deal with the import of goods and their storage. Our experience allows us to plan the collection of goods from any place in the world, implement customs procedures and organize the necessary documentation. DEFRO LOGISTICS is a company you can trust.

Just plan your business idea and we will take care of the rest:

  • we will check suppliers,
  • we will verify the goods,
  • we will organize transport and logistics,
  • we will store the imported goods in our warehouses,
  • You will be able to pick up your products yourself or you will tell us where to deliver them.


Efficient import and additional space that DEFRO LOGISTICS offers to its Partners include dynamic procedures, support at every stage of cooperation and the highest quality warehouses. In addition to distribution, we plan to secure logistics and industrial spaces as ready-made warehouse spaces for rent.

In the future, we plan to provide build-to-suit services, both with our own resources and in cooperation with the largest industry partners. Developing our idea, in the near future we will base our investments on the philosophy of developing the Bronwfield areas. We want to take care not only of the space for your goods, but also of the environment.

If you want to cooperate with us in the field of import, distribution and storage, please contact us: tel. 41 303 80 85, e-mail:

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Do you need device selection?

If you want to install a new heat source, it is worth paying attention to DEFRO devices, a Polish manufacturer with many years of experience in the heating industry. Our specialists will help you choose the right boiler and its power, and distributors and installers will take care of the assembly and commissioning, and all you need to do is enjoy the warmth and comfort. The distribution network of our products is divided into regions for which managers and salespeople are responsible.

Switch to an ecological and economical solution

The best heating pumps on the market

DEFRO DHP PREMIUM is the latest generation device, created especially for Europe climatic conditions. It is also the first Polish plug-in heat pump, which means it is child’s play to install.

High quality
The best components
The best, experienced, fast device service
The best heating pumps on the market
Trust professional advice and a high-quality device

Recuperation + free device selection

The DEFRO air handling unit is perfect for maintaining high air quality in your home. With advanced technology and energy efficiency, DRX not only provides comfort, but also savings in the long run, creating a friendly environment for your family.

High quality
The best components
The best, experienced, fast device service