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Cennik armatura

Moc kotła w kW810111215161718202224252628303538405675
Bio Slim1652017830190701963020520
Delta Ekopell1369014520150701562016790
Eko Slim1368015200158901741018380
Gamma I / II147201507015890165201769020110
Hydropell*85509090983010 460
Alfa II216102300023 420246002536027460
Epsilon F20040204602108021980
Calori12300130601361014 72016380
Smart Ekopell16450167401743017 98019 22021560
Beta161101659016 820196702008020970
Beta Plus171401749017 700204902091021810
Kompakt Ekopell F210502230025090264803206036930

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If you want to install a new heat source, it is worth paying attention to DEFRO devices, a Polish manufacturer with many years of experience in the heating industry. Our specialists will help you choose the right boiler and its power, and distributors and installers will take care of the assembly and commissioning, and all you need to do is enjoy the warmth and comfort. The distribution network of our products is divided into regions for which managers and salespeople are responsible.

Switch to an ecological and economical solution

The best heating pumps on the market

DEFRO DHP PREMIUM is the latest generation device, created especially for Europe climatic conditions. It is also the first Polish plug-in heat pump, which means it is child’s play to install.

High quality
The best components
The best, experienced, fast device service
The best heating pumps on the market
Trust professional advice and a high-quality device

Recuperation + free device selection

The DEFRO air handling unit is perfect for maintaining high air quality in your home. With advanced technology and energy efficiency, DRX not only provides comfort, but also savings in the long run, creating a friendly environment for your family.

High quality
The best components
The best, experienced, fast device service