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Small investment, huge opportunities.

Observations of the dynamically changing situation on the energy market prompt reflection on methods of heating houses and apartments. Installations of electric boilers have been censored. Is it right? What should you pay attention to when considering installing such a device? Heating with an electric boiler is certainly a great solution in energy-saving construction. It ensures low investment costs, simple installation, convenient operation and safety.

When thinking about electric boilers as a heat source in central heating, the question of costs comes to the fore. Given the current inflation and energy prices, this is a topic that worries every user. So let’s demystify the issue and sort out some important facts.

As users, we have an influence on the price of energy we pay for. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with the suppliers’ offers, carefully read the proposed terms and conditions and decide which solution will be the most suitable for you. We will not change the prices imposed by the political situation, they apply to everyone, but we can decide which supplier and which tariff variant will be optimal for us. We must remember that heating costs depend on a number of factors.

The construction technology of the building has a huge impact on the costs, and the demand for usable energy for heating and ventilation varies depending on the facility. By using appropriate thermal modernization techniques, you can maximize central heating savings on an ongoing basis. The low investment cost of an electric furnace, combined with the above-mentioned savings, makes it possible to invest, for example, in a photovoltaic installation that works perfectly with such a boiler. Additionally, you should remember about the possibilities of obtaining funding under the “Clean Air” program. Here, subsidies, depending on the income obtained, range from PLN 3,000 to PLN 9,000.

In a word, it is worth considering installing an electric furnace as a heat source for heating your home. Before making a decision, you should analyze the arguments behind its installation. And there are a lot of them.

Firstly – low investment costs. Building a central heating system based on an electric furnace is cheaper than a gas, oil or solid fuel boiler room. We forget about the costs of gas connection, chimney construction and chimney liner. Electrical connections are located in every building, and boiler installation is easy and does not require special rooms.

In addition to low investment costs, it is worth paying attention to the capabilities of the furnace. An electric boiler can be a device that allows you to work as the main or alternative heat source, working with a solid fuel boiler, fireplace, condensing boiler or heat pump. Additionally, the weekly programmer will help you optimize energy costs, and the boiler will not consume more power than needed.

An undoubted advantage of using an electric boiler is its availability. If access to the gas network is difficult, one of the best solutions is an electric furnace. Another aspect is comfortable operation. Electric boilers are very convenient to use. Equipped with appropriate control, they operate fully automatically and their operation, after the first setting up of the furnace, is mainly limited to switching to summer or winter mode. Low service costs are another advantage of electric furnaces. These devices practically do not require periodic inspections. We can therefore forget about the costs of inspection of installations and ventilation.

Three times “E” – Energy efficiency, Aesthetics and Ecology. Perfect in energy-saving construction. Aesthetics and ease of installation – electric boilers are neat devices that can be mounted on the wall of virtually any room. Ecology – electricity does not increase the threat to the environment, because pollutants do not arise in households but in power plants, where exhaust gases are effectively purified.

The electric boiler is perfect for newly designed installations, as well as for modifications to existing central heating systems. It is easy to install and use, and thanks to the possibility of compatibility with photovoltaic installations and modern technology, it allows the device to act as either the main or additional heat source. Our boiler models have the previously mentioned weekly operating time programming function. Thanks to this, we can adjust the operation of the device to the so-called the moment of the highest overproduction of energy produced by photovoltaic panels.

Do you want to combine an electric boiler with photovoltaics and are looking for professional equipment and advice? Or are you just looking for an electric boiler to heat your home? You can find all the information here.
We can benefit from all the advantages of electric boilers, especially longevity and efficiency, by following the principles of energy-saving heating. This includes: appropriate work control and proper ventilation of rooms. This involves opening the windows to their full width for a short time while closing the thermostatic valves. This procedure allows the air to be replaced with fresh air without excessive cooling of the rooms.

Let’s remember that the undeniable advantage of an electric boiler is its low price, which, together with the possibilities of using energy it offers and the appropriate way of using it, turns out to be a great investment for years!

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