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LPG tanks – guarantee of the highest quality

The tanks are used for storing and distributing gas for single- and multi-family buildings, office buildings, poultry farms and industrial buildings. They can also be used in LPG filling stations.
For production, we use only proven steel grades, high-quality paint coating and gas fittings from renowned manufacturers. By meeting strict standards, we guarantee the highest quality.

Our tanks are manufactured based on the EU directive PED 2014/68/EU defining the classification of pressure equipment, conformity assessment and marking with the CE safety mark. The tanks are subjected to hydraulic tests with a working pressure of 23 bar and a pneumatic tightness test with a value of 5 bar.

Kalkulator doboru kotła Kalkulator doboru kotłaKalkulator doboru kotła

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Underground LPG tank

: 2700, 3700, 4850, 6400, 9200
: Yes
: propane, propane-butane (max 80% butane)
: PN-EN 13445 and PN-EN 12542 (excl. point 5.4)
: 40°C
: -20°C
: 85%
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Construction of underground LPG tanks 2700 - 9200 l

The construction of tanks for storing liquid gas is a horizontal cylindrical welded structure made of carbon steel, which includes structural elements as well as fittings and measuring equipment: coat, convex bottoms, support legs, grounding connections, carrying handles, intended only for transporting an empty tank, sleeves, welded to the jacket with the installed connection fittings. Each tank has a Passport, which contains a list of all construction elements and other materials along with their technical characteristics. In the passport, the manufacturer provides all data in detail, including construction dimensions, factory number and test results confirming compliance with the technical conditions required by the competent technical inspection body. Underground tanks are an ideal solution in places where their location may be determined by other factors, e.g. interference with the surrounding environment, land development plan or small plot area or aesthetic considerations. The installation of such a tank requires earthworks and technical acceptance by the Office of Technical Inspection before burying the tank. The distances maintained in the case of an underground tank from the residential building and plot boundaries are slightly smaller than in the case of above-ground tanks. When planning the installation of an underground tank, the investor must pay attention to the groundwater level, because in the event of a high groundwater level, the tank can only be partially dug into the ground, and the part of the tank above the ground can be covered with a layer of soil. The offered capacities of Defro underground tanks [L]: 2700, 3700, 4850, 6400 and 9200 are covered with an anti-corrosion coating that is highly resistant to water, flammable liquids and many chemicals. The tightness of the coating is tested for breakdown with a current of 14 kV. Underground tanks are standardly equipped with an inspection well with fittings and valves, the cover of which is located above the ground.
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