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Defro - a combination of high quality, modern, advanced technologies and tradition

Over 50 years of experience in the production of heating devices, fireplaces, heat pumps and many other modern solutions for every home!

Defro - Informacje
Customer satisfaction and trust is our priority

Defro awards and distinctions

The DEFRO company has been enjoying great trust of customers in the heating and ventilation industry for many years. The efforts to become a leader in this field are confirmed by numerous Polish and European certificates for the manufactured devices and many awards and distinctions for innovations introduced to the installation market. The ongoing production changes have allowed us to set new directions and trends in the industry, which has been noticed and honored with many awards from significant organizations.

Among many, it is worth mentioning:

The Teraz Polska emblem

Polish Business Leader awarded by the Business Center Club

Business Gazelles.

Polish Economic Exhibition  and many other achievements.

Innovation of the Defro brand

We regularly receive major awards and distinctions for the best devices in the heating technology category at prestigious international fairs in Poland and abroad.

In the near future, we should expect greater activity of innovative solutions, and the position of the DEFRO brand is the company’s commitment to further development of production and new technologies while maintaining excellent design, workmanship and pro-ecological solutions.

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If you want to install a new heat source, it is worth paying attention to DEFRO devices, a Polish manufacturer with many years of experience in the heating industry. Our specialists will help you choose the right boiler and its power, and distributors and installers will take care of the assembly and commissioning, and all you need to do is enjoy the warmth and comfort. The distribution network of our products is divided into regions for which managers and salespeople are responsible.

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The best heating pumps on the market

DEFRO DHP PREMIUM is the latest generation device, created especially for Europe climatic conditions. It is also the first Polish plug-in heat pump, which means it is child’s play to install.

High quality
The best components
The best, experienced, fast device service
The best heating pumps on the market
Trust professional advice and a high-quality device

Recuperation + free device selection

The DEFRO air handling unit is perfect for maintaining high air quality in your home. With advanced technology and energy efficiency, DRX not only provides comfort, but also savings in the long run, creating a friendly environment for your family.

High quality
The best components
The best, experienced, fast device service