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Wood and pellets – renewable fuels

Clean air and savings in heating buildings are the image of a good climate. Both for our health and for our wallets. In the context of an ecological and economic source of heat, it is worth paying attention to firewood and pellets. Do you have doubts whether these are renewable fuels? We explain.

Heating your home is a key issue on which our everyday comfort depends. This not only ensures good well-being but also reduces costs incurred during the heating season. Before choosing a heat source, it is worth considering all possible options and deciding which one will be the most beneficial in our case. Taking care of the environment is becoming more and more important, and the global demand for energy is growing,
therefore, ecological and economic solutions become particularly important.

Old charging furnaces, i.e. the so-called Cinderellas are becoming history. Their operation not only required a lot of time, but also caused a lot of difficulties. These devices were impractical and unecological, and when used incorrectly,
contributed largely to air pollution. Unlike fossil fuels used in stoves, renewable fuels such as firewood and pellets are clean and safe energy carriers.

The use of biomass contributes to the reduction of smog, and modern, ecological fireplaces meet stringent standards and are consistent with the European Union’s climate policy. Both biomass heating devices and the fuels produced for them are compulsorily certified in Poland. For this reason, biomass has been promoted in the Community countries for a long time. Also in our country, we are increasingly following these proven, ecological solutions.

Certainty about pellets and firewood as clean, renewable fuels is added by the position of prof. Dr. hab. engineer Tadeusz Juliszewski from the Faculty of Production Engineering and Energy of the University of Agriculture. Hugona Kołłątaj in Krakow, who in his opinion for the “Świat Kominków” magazine explained that “biomass (including wood and pellets) is a natural store of solar energy accumulated
in organic compounds containing atmospheric carbon dioxide
. Only biomass allows nature to keep this greenhouse gas (CO2) in a closed cycle. Biomass (wood) cannot be called a fossil fuel because it differs fundamentally in its physical and chemical structure from non-renewable fossil fuels (coal).” Professor Juliszewski clearly stated that “wood and pellets are renewable fuels. The most important thing, however, is that both dried wood and its products (briquettes, pellets), burned in furnaces, boilers and fireplaces certified in the mandatory procedure of the so-called ECOPROJECT, do not emit exhaust gases that pose a threat to humans and nature.

The nature of biomass as a renewable fuel (renewable energy source) also results from Article 2, point 22 of the Act of February 20, 2015 on renewable energy sources (consolidated text: Journal of Laws of 2021, item 610).

To better imagine the safety and ecology of modern biomass-powered heat sources, it is worth mentioning that furnaces from the 1980s and 1990s emitted approximately 30-60 grams of PM dust into the environment per hour. However, all currently sold wood fireplaces emit dozens of times less – less than 4.5 grams per hour. In the case of a fireplace, it is also extremely important that it can heat the most frequently used parts of the house. When we do not use the basement or attic, these rooms can remain cool, and we will save up to 25% of heating costs.

Pellet stoves are a great and modern solution. It is a combination of design and a modern form of a pellet heating device. An intuitive and easy-to-use stove that automatically delivers heat exactly where we need it. Devices of this type fit perfectly into our interior and provide economical thermal comfort while being environmentally friendly.

The situation is similar in the case of pellet boilers. Modern devices of this type meet the highest standards, as well as the most demanding European standards regarding exhaust emissions. Additionally, pellet boilers ignite automatically and consume optimal amounts of fuel, so they are energy-saving. Wood pellet technology debuted during the energy crisis in the 1970s, when alternatives to fossil fuels were sought. Europe, and especially Sweden, was a pioneer in the development of wood pellets. With growing concerns about the use of fossil fuels and an increase in environmental awareness, wood pellets have come to be considered a reliable and viable alternative throughout Europe.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of DEFRO fireplaces, stoves and pellet boilers. Details can be found here – fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves, pellet boilers. In addition to ecological reasons and significant savings in use, please remember that you can receive funding for replacing the device with an ecological one. Investment in this type of heat source is covered by the “Clean Air” program.

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